The unstoppable force of American innovation is at it again! With there now being more breweries in the United States than there were before Prohibition, an unprecedented rise in diversity in the world of beer has led to a renaissance in craft brewing. Long Island, NY is no different, hosting over twenty breweries outside NYC alone. With new beers coming out faster than you can chug, it can be hard to keep up with what every brewery is doing or what’s worth spending your money on.

Join the Beertastic Voyage crew for their weekly adventure.  On each podcast, Kevin, Mark and Justin, will highlight a local brewery, sample three of the brewery’s latest libations and share their impressions.  Our intrepid drinkers do this not just for fame, glory or even riches, but all  to help you seek out quality brews  on your next beer run. (Getting to drink a few beers with your best friends doesn’t hurt either! ) So please join these three lovers of craft beer on their latest Beertastic Voyage.  Cheers for local beers!

Kevin Gordon

Beer Lover

Kevin began his journey into craft beer by loitering at a local brewpub and looking for something other than the swill that got him through college.  After a few pints of the good stuff he was hooked. He's an avid consumer of anything stout or on nitro.  He's managed to brew a few batches of decent beer in his day but lacks the patience for the art. This podcast is a chance for him to do two of his favorite things at once, drink beers and share random bits of info.

    Mark Williams

    Beer Professor

    Mark is a self-taught home brewer. Having started with beer, he quickly branched out to cider, mead, and wine. Recently he has focused on fruits and vegetable in his quest to ferment all the things - he enjoys experimenting. He often finds local ingredients to include in his creations (even going so far as foraging from neighbor's trees) and has recently begun growing hops. He's often found in one of the many local breweries, toddler in tow, trying to convince his wife to try darker beers.

      Justin Hansen

      Beer Apprentice

      Justin avoided beer for most of his life until a trip to Long Ireland brewery opened his eyes up to the wonders of craft beer. Not having a clue what the difference between a porter and a pilsner was, he looked to his friends Mark and Kevin to show him the way. Now he hopes to help people discover a beer style that they will enjoy and is always looking to learn more about the brewing process.  His favorite styles include sour beers, anything with a chili in it and Wu Tang.


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