Episode 101: Victory Brewing Company

This week brings listener submission of Victory Brewing Company Beers from newly christened “Super Fan” Gregg Kelley. Thanks Gregg!

August 23, 2018 39:46
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This week brings listener submission of Victory Brewing Company Beers from newly christened “Super Fan” Gregg Kelley. Thanks Gregg!

Victory Brewing Co.

420 Acorn Ln, Downingtown, PA 19335

The story of Victory Brewing Company starts on a school bus in 1973 when fifth-graders Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski stepped aboard. In 1985 Bill gave Ron a home brewing kit as a Christmas gift. With that, both Bill and Ron developed their love of the craft, and a friendly rivalry grew between the two.

Ron left his job as a financial analyst and started an apprenticeship at Baltimore Brewing Company. After working there for nearly a year, Ron had the necessary prerequisites to move on to study at the Technical University of Munich at Weihenstephan.

Immediately upon Ron’s departure, Bill took over his emptied role in Baltimore. While Ron was enhancing his German brewing knowledge, Bill was expanding the line of beers produced at the BBC to include several German specialty beers, many of which went on to win multiple awards at the Great American Beer Festival

With knowledge, experience and a love of quality beer in place, Bill and Ron decided they were ready to open their own brewery near where they first met in Pennsylvania.

Victory Brewing Company opened its doors to the public on Feb. 15, 1996. What was once a Pepperidge Farm factory became home to a 144-seat restaurant, 70-foot-long bar and a full-scale brewery. In its first year, Victory Brewing Company brewed 1,725 barrels of beer.

Since then, Victory has increased the size of the restaurant to 300 seats. The brewery has also expanded, producing 125,713 barrels of beer in 2014. As loyal craft beer drinkers continue to show their dedication to flavorful, quality beer, Victory plans to continue its own growth. Onward to Victory!

Beer #1: Helles Lager

Style: Helles
ABV: 4.8%
Flavor Text: 
Definition of drinkable. Simply crafted with German malt, hops, and yeast this beer provides balance between noble hop character, clean fermentation, and some of the best malt in the world.


  • Mark: Bomber
  • Kevin: Pint
  • Justin: Bomber

Beer #2: Java Cask

Style: Coffee Bourbon Stout
ABV: 14.3%
Flavor Text: The One Village Smart Roast coffee contains notes of smoke and burnt bread. Warming bourbon character interacts with the coffee. Flavor starts as a fresh cup of joe, but quickly morphs into sweet and roasty blend from the base beer and bourbon interacting. Sweet and savory. Alcohol heat is present, but tame considering the labeled value.


  • Mark: Tasting
  • Kevin: Tasting
  • Justin: Pint

Beer #3: Red

Style: Flanders Red
ABV: 5.5%
Flavor Text: Our brewers’ passion and dedication to tradition comes to life in this extremely limited Flemish-style sour red ale. Three years in oak barrels, mixed-culture fermentation and expert blending have come together to marry tart and tannic notes from natural oak souring with intense impressions of dark fruit. Join us in savoring the complex and effervescent ale that is Victory Red


  • Mark: Keg
  • Kevin: Growler
  • Justin: Keg