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Justin Hansen

Justin avoided beer for most of his life until a trip to Long Ireland brewery opened his eyes up to the wonders of craft beer. Not having a clue what the difference between a porter and a pilsner was, he looked to his friends Mark and Kevin to show him the way. Now he hopes to […]


Mark Williams

Mark is a self-taught home brewer. Having started with beer, he quickly branched out to cider, mead, and wine. Recently he has focused on fruits and vegetable in his quest to ferment all the things – he enjoys experimenting. He often finds local ingredients to include in his creations (even going so far as foraging […]


Kevin Gordon

Kevin began his journey into craft beer by loitering at a local brewpub and looking for something other than the swill that got him through college.  After a few pints of the good stuff he was hooked. He’s an avid consumer of anything stout or on nitro.  He’s managed to brew a few batches of […]